@Bevel is a brand for the barbers. The hype on the @Bevel trimmer has the barbering community talking. Over the past year, Walker and Company has upgraded their entire manufacturing operation with it to ensure consistent excellence in every single Trimmer made. @Bevel is dedicated to making their trimmer the best and has come back with the v2 Blade. The Snap on Snap off v2 feature allows you to adjust blades without having to purchase a completely new trimmer. The trimmer can be used cordless 4+ hours of Battery Life or corded for all day battery life in the shop. If you fully charge the Bevel Trimmer and do not use it for 6 months, it retains the Battery Life for usage. The v2 Blade repels dirt, oil and other impurities so clients will not have to worry about those things carrying over from cut to cut. T blade wider than standard for a more efficient line. Time saved. T Blade also comes with our zero gap bevel dial, carrying the innovation back to this product. If you are looking for a new trimmer to add to your arsenal then check out the @Bevel trimmer.

Available www.getbevel.com